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To My WordPress Followers

laptop on desk blogging wordpress

I just wanted to take a second to really be grateful to my readers, but especially my WordPress followers! Taking the leap to joining WordPress and starting my blog was a decision I made when I was in a tough emotional and insecure place.     Thinking I’m just starting another one of my million hobbies to keep busy from…

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A Self-Care Planner & Journal to Kick-Start Self-Care September

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Happy Self-Care September!   As we transition into fall and colder weather, I figured it was a good time to kick my self-care into high gear. Sweater-weather is quick to get us spending less time outside and more time under the covers. And sometimes that means we become even more lax with other priorities in […]

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The Best Bedtime Self Care Routine For A Stress-Free Morning

Stress free bedtime routine

    I’ve never really been a morning person. Most of my life I’ve lived dangerously and snoozed my morning alarm to the last possible second. In school, it was no big deal rushing into class. My bedtime self care routine was non-existent! Back then you can just blame it on your youthful irresponsibility, right? But when you’re getting to…

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