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4 Quick Ways to Declutter Your Mind and Refocus (Intuitive Tuesday)

Here’s to another Intuitive Tuesday! I wanted to talk about the ways I have found to de-clutter my mind, especially when I need to be laser-focused.

Yesterday started out pretty mellow and my morning commute was pretty breezy. But without fail, the minute I walked into my office, I felt the stress of all that I needed to do.  As my day went on, I found myself getting more and more busy, and more and more frazzled. That was my body’s very persistent cue to catch my breath already!

I knew what I had to do. Clearing my mind and taking the time to refocus was the only way I knew to get myself back on track, and feeling confident about the tasks ahead.

In these moments, I leaned on some ways I have found to work for me, to reduce my anxiety, construct a game plan, and boost my confidence.




Inhaling for a few seconds through the nose, and exhaling through the mouth is a quick way to get your heart rate down if you feel your anxiety starting to get out of whack. I try to inhale for 2 seconds, exhale for 4. Then in for 3 seconds and out for 6 seconds until my heart is no longer racing!



Make a decision to SLOW DOWN

Forcing yourself to go at a speed that feels unnatural will help you more than hurt you.  In my experience at my job, I’ve always ended up shooting myself in the foot because I was rushing through a task and didn’t take the second to double-check my work. Let yourself work at your own pace, because the only speed that truly matters is your own. Feel confident in knowing that it will get done, regardless.



Along with slow down, TAKE A BREAK!

Take a walk outside. Read for 15 minutes. Catch up on a few minutes of a favorite show or podcast. Take a 20 minute nap even! Giving yourself some time away from a task or project will help refocus the mind. Ever find yourself staring into the glaring glow of a computer screen after countless hours of writing an essay, and just re-reading the same line over and over? That’s a sign that it is time to Step. Away. Give your brain a break and recharge so you can come back feeling less tired and more inspired!



Prioritize (Make a list!)

Jotting down all the to-dos and responsibilities of the day, as they come to me, helps to give me piece of mind. Once they’re written down, I feel much more relieved knowing I can now keep track of what needs to be done. Doing this helps to reduce the stress and anxiety of having to remember everything and makes it much easier to plan out my next step. Along with making a list, prioritizing is a great way to reduce your list down to the absolutely necessary tasks and decide which must be down first. An outline helps provide some kind of framework and can help with better time management and greatly reduces my stress.



I hope these tips were helpful! Anything you can do to give your self a mental break, is showing yourself self-love and listening to what your body needs.


Comment and share what ways you use to get yourself back on track!


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