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4 Tips To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick (And Overcome Your Anxiety)

Turning Your New Year's resolutions into Reality



Wishing you all a Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that another year is already over, but I can say that I am happy (and relieved) to take what I’ve learned from the last year, and continue working on my own healing. And I anticipate much more self care in my future!


So with all the excitement and anticipation of a new year, it can be a motivating time to hash out new goals and visions for yourself. And hopefully more positive (and permanent) changes in your life. New Year, New You, right?


But for some of us, the pressure and anxiety that can come with making New Years resolutions stick can make it be hard to stay motivated. Negative thoughts and a lack of confidence can have you stop before you even get going.


And with social media, it can be even more difficult to not fall into the pitfalls of comparison or constantly updating the world with your progress.


Feeling anxious and insecure is no way to start any goal and will definitely stunt your progress and mindset from going any further. So I’ve put together 4 effective ways to help you push past your anxiety and make your New Year’s resolutions stick!



How To Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick



Celebrate What You Accomplished Last Year


Before you start to hack away at your resolutions for this year, take some time to thank and appreciate yourself for what you’ve done this year! You’ve made moves (physically and emotionally) and you should be proud of the amazing things that you’ve manifested for yourself.



Whether you made a necessary career change, spent more time on your self care, or even got out of a toxic relationship/friendship.



Remember that YOU. DID. THAT. Even more importantly, how have you grown and healed this year? Have you worked to serve your own needs more than last year?


For me, I’ve made more concrete moves to make freelance writing my career, calmed my road rage, deepened my relationships and friendships, and I can say now that I’m a pro at ignoring all negative comments and opinions from others (now that I know that it’s their problem, not mine!).


It’s important to remind yourself of all of the planning, good habits positive changes you made last year and work to carry them into this new one.  



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Make Realistic Goals


Choosing unrealistic goals is the quickest way to get overwhelmed and give up the second you start. Instead, ask yourself:


What you want this year to look like for you?

How do you see yourself?

What is important to your happiness and what are you willing to do for it?


So if your goal is to run a 10k this year but you have never run a mile, you may be asking a lot of yourself (not to mention adding more pressure!).


So start with committing to run a few times a week, then work up from there. And just like with any goal, be patient with yourself. Work at your own pace.


Give yourself the breaks you need! You’re definitely more likely to be make more significant progress overall and help make New Year’s resolutions stick. Not to mention that it will keep you from burnout or procrastination!


*Need an extra push? Read here about how your intuition can give you more motivation



Make A Vision Board


Do your resolutions look more like a to-do list, then a vision of how you want to transform yourself this year? If so, this can make your goals feel more trying and more of an action item then taking steps to better your life.


Try to create a mental picture of the real desires and plans you have for yourself. I recommend taking some time in a quiet space and finding the answers to these questions. Be sure to write them down!


Get in tune with what it feels like to think about your passions and what you need to maintain your self care, happiness, and healing and put them on your vision board. A visual reminder of what you want for your life will keep you from putting your needs on the back-burner. 



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So no matter what you put on your vision board, make sure it reflects this excitement within yourself and the life you want to create. This is a crucial step in turning your new year’s resolutions into reality this year!



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Break Down Your Goals


Sometimes it can trigger anxious thoughts to approach your goals as a whole instead of taking them in smaller steps. So by tackling them in smaller chunks, it becomes more manageable. And another effective tool to help make New Year’s resolutions stick!


And seeing your progress each time will help to motivate you to keep going! It can also help you address any unexpected obstacles without slowing you down too much.


Even leaving too much time to accomplish a task or goal can trigger anxiety and cause you to procrastinating. Which then leaves you with even less time!


So set up some mini-goals to give you something to continuously work towards. That will give you confidence and you’ll always know you’re always making progress. 




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Making New Year’s resolutions can be a fun and productive way to focus on bettering yourself. But being patient with your progress, changing how you view your goals, and breaking them down into smaller chunks will help to tackle your anxiety and lack of motivation head-on. Happy goal-setting!


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