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800 Views and over 50 Subscribers!

I am feeling SO blessed today, and it’s all thanks to you! I have reached 800 views and 50 subscribers to my Melanated Maven movement and I could not be happier!


Even though I am just starting out on this journey of sharing my life and experiences with others, I never would have thought that even one person would be interested in my musings. Let alone join me in this journey. I thought, who would read or even care enough to include it in their own lives?


I’m not always confident about my blogging, but I keep publishing, even when I don’t always feel up to it. And I have grown in the best ways and continue to learn about myself and the gifts I am blessed with.


When you allow yourself to embrace your natural interests, you're another step closer to your true, authentic self. Click To Tweet


So every day I get the chance to interact with you all, it gives me motivation to keep going. To keep sharing. And that there are others in this world that share similar thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Others with similar missions have definitely given me inspiration and motivation to live my authentic life, no matter what. That my personal message is my own, and no one else’s. So it brings me sooo much joy that I can do that for others as well.


Hopefully I can continue to inspire more people to find their confidence inside and out and step out into the world fearlessly. And even more importantly, true to themselves. There are so many pressures and distractions we all must deal with in life, and I strongly believe that with each day and each step, it is important to lead with your intuition.


Living your life on your terms and doing the things that make you happiest, regardless of what others may think or feel is the key to your personal authenticity. And driving yourself crazy comparing yourself to the perceived life of others and even emulating others is the quickest way to losing yourself, and your personal identity in the process. No one can be or will be like you. You are YOU for a reason, and your uniqueness is what makes you perfectly, and exactly who you are meant to be.


You are YOU for a reason, and your uniqueness is what makes you perfectly, and exactly who you are meant to be. Click To Tweet


I’m here for the long haul, guys! Take note!


Please keep subscribing, commenting and sharing. I’ll see you all very soon!

Peace & Love ♥


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