About Me

open-book-library-education-read-159621I’m forever a student, an explorer of all fact and science fiction, a knowledge-chaser. I love cooking (self-proclaimed foodie here), NPR podcasts, and every last one of those Investigative Discovery murder shows. Experimenting on my natural hair is one of my favorite things to do! 

It is one of the many reasons I fell in love with The Melanated Maven as a name for this blog because it relates directly to my individual identity and my experiences in life. I am so proud of my unique melanin hue, and see myself as a maven, or an expert of looking within myself, my soul, character and authenticity.

I’ve grown to love all that I am, and respond to the inevitable stressors of life by trusting my intuition to lead me in the right direction.

But there was a time when I wasn’t so accepting and felt directionless. I had never had this issue before, until after college when the expectations of adulthood knocked me off balance. I was doing everything right and was successful at “adulting” but I wasn’t having fun and enjoying life as much as I knew I could be. And my career didn’t feel like the right fit.

I compensated by acting, being, and encompassing everything that I thought others and circumstances wanted from me, until my only objective was achieving perfection in every aspect of my life.

Exhausting, right? I was the most stressed I had ever been in my life.

Even worse, I had spent so much time catering and giving 110% to everyone and everything else, but none to myself. I had neglected my needs, thoughts and opinions for too long. My intuition and sense of self were dwindling. 

And I was the only one who could change my situation and how I viewed myself.

Finally listening to my gut feelings, following in the directions that felt natural, and self-care led me to discover that the answers were within me. The WHOLE time.

It has been and continues to be so transformative and one of the best gifts I could ever give myself. I hope that through my journey, I can help inspire you to live your best life. 

Life is too short to not feel free!

Much love, MM