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Afraid to Start A Blog? 4 Simple Ways to Go From Fear to Freedom!

afraid to start a blog


Are you afraid to start a blog? Do you think you lack the confidence to put yourself out there? Sharing your own personal journey with strangers can be a scary feeling, and with so many great blogs out there of every topic, it’s hard to know where you could fit in.



But believe it or not, the internet’s infinite space still has room for you!



When I decided to start my blog, it had already been a long time coming. I was working a job that I hated and spending my evenings venting and dreading the next day. I lived for the weekends just so I could enjoy my interests without that stress.



But as I got more and more stressed, it opened the door for negative self-talk, and a lack of confidence and emotional energy to invest and tend to myself. Let’s just say that I was well overdue for a genuine creative outlet.




So I stopped playing “What if?”, let go of the excuses and just did. And I’ve never looked back!





How to Stop Being Afraid to Start a Blog




Express Yourself

What interests you? What are your passions? Life-changing epiphanies? Say yes to those light-bulb moments! This should be a space where you can freely express your thoughts and emotions, without worrying about the criticism of others. There will always be distractions to your true purpose, and ultimately contribute to a negative mindset that can hinder your progress. So don’t be afraid to start a blog!



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Don’t Worry About “Credibility”

What’s the definition of an “expert” anyway? Don’t assume that others won’t take your writing seriously. Readers are more interested in the opinions of everyday women, like you and me, rather than well-known companies and people. A prime example is the recent explosion of social media and blogging influencers that has dramatically changed the marketing world.


Your authenticity will translate to your audience if you’re genuine. Don’t try to emulate every little thing you see another blogger doing! Even if you think there may be too many bloggers already writing about the same topics, remember that your story is unique to you. No one has your same experiences and insight, and no one can express them like you can.



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Stop Comparing

I can’t say this enough! The more time and mental energy you spend on wishing your blog looked like someone else’s, the less actual time you spend on making it uniquely yours. You lose out on your own authentic ideas and the pride that comes with being in control of your own creativity. Luckily we live in the age of in the internet, which is full of information and resources. Whatever you don’t know, Google it!



Use other blogs as a learning tool, not to copy. This is your story.





If You Think You Can’t, You Won’t

Let go of those negative thoughts! Thinking that you’re incapable will only feed into a toxic mental environment that will make it less likely for you to take that chance. Stop standing in your own way and knock down those barriers of fear your mind has created. What’s the worst that could happen? Nothing is worse than not making the attempt and seeing what could come from it. Don’t short-change yourself and your potential! Only good things come when you learn to overcome your fear and step out of your comfort zone.



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Taking the plunge can be hard, I get it. I struggled with my own irrational thoughts and fears, that got me absolutely no where. I still had not started and another year had passed and I had wasted even more time.



But pushing past those fears and seeing others inspired by my work got my momentum going, and increased my confidence. It taught me that there were more consequences to not doing something I desired, and I was worth seeing where this blog would take me. And you are worth taking the chance to see where your passions take you!



[bctt tweet=”We all have such great potential, and saying yes to ourselves is the first step to creating the life we want.”]





Now stop stressing and don’t be afraid to start your blog today. Share your links below!




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