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New Birchbox Kits for Black Women: See What’s Inside!

Birchbox kits for black women


If you’re a black woman into skincare and makeup, chances are you’ve definitely run into the following problems: Lack of foundation ranges, hair products with damaging chemicals (…sulfates, anyone?), and dealing with the constant hunt for a nude lipstick that won’t have you looking like a clown. So the idea of Birchbox kits for black women seems suspect, am I right?


In an industry that doesn’t seem to cater to all natural hair types, skin tones, and common skin issues for women of color like hyper-pigmentation, we desperately cling onto the brands that actually represent us. Because your best self care makes you feel confident and more empowered to live authentically.


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Recently, brands like Fenty Beauty, Beauty Bakerie and Shea Moisture (which is not black-owned by the way…) are starting to fill in the gaps. And beauty bloggers and Youtube influencers are helping give us all the info on what works and what doesn’t.


So you know I was more than excited when I heard that Birchbox was expanding their line by gracing us with two new boxes, in collaboration with Refinery29’s Unbothered site for millennial black women. And as a self-proclaimed unapologetic black girl, that caught my interest right away.


I’ve always been a fan (and subscriber) of Birchbox. From skin care to make-up, you can always bank on getting classic staples and the newest cult faves like facial oils and hyaluronic acid serums. So I’m excited to give you the details on these Birchbox kits for black women!



Birchbox Kits For Black Women



“It’s Your Crown” Hair Kit


It's your crown birchbox kit
Photo via Refinery29

If you have 4C curls, this box is full of the perfect products for your hair type! Click here to see what’s inside!



“Stay Radiant” Complexion Kit


radiant complexion kit
Photo via Refinery29

Struggling to find the perfect skincare products for your melanated complexion? Check out the Stay Radiant Complexion Kit, and see what’s inside!


Even though these Birchbox kits for black women are only a limited-time exclusive, I have high hopes for the roll-out to a full monthly subscription line. In the mean-time, these boxes make the perfect holiday gift of self care.


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Either way, I’ll be here waiting (and hunting!) for the next wave of  brands working for inclusion.


What do you think? Have you already gotten a box? Let me know in the comments!


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