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Learn How Being More Accountable Can Improve Your Confidence!

build confidence with accountability


First of all, I’m sorry for not being more active recently. So busy, but I can’t make that an excuse. My job has been quite chaotic the past few weeks, but something positive came out of the whole experience. I attended a course offered at my company’s site, about accountability in the workplace. It was based on The 85% Solution, a bestseller by Linda Galindo.  


The message was mainly about how taking personal responsibility of a task and agreeing to follow through and answer for the end result, is how you become accountable of your actions. And build confidence with accountability! So in the workplace, it’s saying you’ll do something and then actually doing it.   


So the course ended, and I left for the day, determined to apply what I learned the next work day.



Build Confidence with Accountability  


Schedule time

Mark your calendar with your tasks so you’re more likely to do them. Just like important appointments and meetings you can’t miss, put these important work tasks on your calendar. I use Google Calendar on my phone, so I can have it wherever I go. This way, the task is no longer weighing on your mind.     


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Take Tasks Confidently

Don’t limit your capabilities. This is an easy way to tank your self-confidence. Learn all the information you need to complete the task and always ask questions. Personally, I would rather ask “too many questions” and have more information than I need, than to rough it and stress myself out further. Taking these steps outside of your comfort zone make you feel more confident in taking more tasks in the future knowing. And most importantly, don’t give up!  


Plan Accordingly

Like I already mentioned, get all your ducks in a row. Without some sort of plan in mind, it can be difficult to determine your next step. And that can lead to procrastination and excuses. Take a second to write down the general steps of your plan so you can decide early if you need additional help or resources.   


The more you know, the more capable you’ll feel. 


Admit Mistakes

Taking personal responsibility and not making excuses for it will make you feel like a much better person in the long run. In the short run, it’s not a fun feeling. No one likes to admit when they’re wrong. But over time, I’ve gained confidence in knowing that there is nothing wrong with making a mistake, and others will sense (and probably thank you for) your honesty.   


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Hold Others Accountable 

Being accountable with yourself also involves holding others to your shiny, new high standards. Speak up if it’s something that grinds your gears, but pick and choose your battles. Some things just aren’t worth it. Be nice, yet firm. I’ve found that this keeps me from feeling like a doormat, and sitting at my desk seething at my coworker. And if anyone asks for feedback, be honest.  


Stay true to what you believe



Using Accountability At Home


After a while of implementing these tactics at work, I realized how effortlessly this idea could be applied to regular, daily life. This way I can be more successful in following through with my plans and goals! This is how I implemented these same ideas at home:


Schedule time for the things you need to do, but more importantly, the things you love to do. And then actually do them! The promises you make to yourself are far more important than promises to other people, work, and things. 


Any interest, hobbies, or other endeavors, go forward fearlessly. We have this one life, and hiding away from the very things that help you discover your uniqueness is selling yourself short!  


Admit to yourself that maybe you’re at fault for the way certain things in your life are going. Once you realize your impact, you can transform it to benefit you instead. I had to tell myself that it was ME that was the cause of my chronic lateness. Not traffic, family, alarm, etc. After a while, the justifications become excuses and positive change isn’t likely to follow.  


Speak up! Whether you have to confront someone else for THEIR chronic lateness and how it’s affecting you, decide to let it out or let it go. Harboring those emotions, especially about someone close to you, only poisons the relationship. Being honest with your feelings will keep your spirit honest.  


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The added benefit is feeling better about yourself in other aspects other than your career. When you keep your own promises to yourself, it boosts your self-esteem. Like how you feel energized after a good workout. You said you would do it, and even through some obstacles, you managed to make it work.  




When you feel like you can overcome those minor setbacks, you feel like you’ve done something you didn’t think you could. If you make it a habit to follow through with your goals, you’ll learn to build confidence with accountability. Always remember that small steps are progress.  


Thanks for reading! But more importantly, how do YOU stay accountable? Have you had any AHA! moments that have made you change for the better? Hit me with the comments below! ♥  


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