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Benefits of Oily Skin- The Japanese Double Cleansing Method

All my life I have had a love-hate relationship with my oily skin. I’ve tried EVERYTHING under the sun, from primers to chafing gel (a trend from a few years back) to even, believe it or not, avoiding moisturizer all together. And I’ve learned that that is a NO NO.   But I’ve realized that my oily skin has so…

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Why I Practice Self-Care Daily

How much of your day is spent practicing self-care? Do you find ways to tend to your mind or physical body? Well if not, this moment is for you! What better way is there to nurture your goals by making sure that you’re doing good? I find that I do my best work when I’m feeling my best, which leads…

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Rice Water Toner for Glowing, Softer Skin

Time for a DIY Challenge! Have you heard about the new trend of using rice water as a toner for your skin? I just recently came across it and my mom was RAVING about how her skin was glowing and felt more supple and moisturized. Not to mention her co-workers and I had noticed and demanded to know what she…

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Challenging DIY Beauty & Health Trends!

DIY is all over the internet these days. Who doesn’t like to save money, and also the pride of creating something for themselves? I’ll be honest… I’m cheap, and I love anything that incorporates natural ingredients with accessibility! So with all the DIY beauty trends out there,  it gets me excited to try them. But also skeptical. Do they really…

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Dry, Natural Hair? 4 Easy Ways to Go from Crunchy to Baby Soft!

Over the years, I’ve grown to love my journey of transitioning to natural hair. There have DEFINITELY been struggles, but there is no greater pride in ourselves as black women than taking care of what is naturally our own. I love scouring the internet for better ways to tend to myself by tending to my hair’s needs, from the inside…

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