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Channeling Difficult Times into Creative Productivity (Intuitive Tuesday)

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So I figured it was about time for another Intuitive Tuesday post. It has definitely been far too long! And today’s topic is on an even more personal level for me, as of late. I have been going through some painful times in my family and personal life, and have been coping better than expected.


Besides the amazing support from my family, friends, and partner, throwing myself into working on this blog has been a healthy distraction, but also a motivating one. I consider writing to be my art and is one of the few things that gives me real and secure confidence. 


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But before I began coping so well, I had to let myself go through the very real emotions of what I was going through. Anger, resentment, hatred, contemplation, confusion, and impatience were only a handful. It was and is, sometimes, such a mixed bag. 


So after allowing myself to go through the essential emotional rollercoaster, I was able to dry my tears and get to work. I wasn’t going to feel any better curled up in the corner of my room all day! And I had to face it: Nothing, including the circumstances or my feelings towards it were going to change if I continued to wallow. 


I can say now, after the hurricane of emotions, that I feel much more confident moving forward and taking the necessary steps in my life to get my mental and emotional self back on track. 



Here are a few simple tricks I’ve learned:


Allow Yourself to Go Through the Emotional Rollercoaster

It may be the most painful and depressing experience you go through, but allowing yourself to feel those emotions, to be human, is much more emotionally healthy, I’ve found. In the past, I would bottle up those emotions, because of the fear of being perceived as vulnerable or having problems. But honestly it only hurt me later because I found it manifesting itself in other ways, like anger and resentment. Just like when exercising, working through the discomfort is the only path to real results!


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Do What You Love! 

For me this blog has become even more of a passion than I realized, and has opened my eyes to talents I didn’t even know I had within me.  And when you do what you love, you stay more productive, motivated, confident and at the very least, spending less time dwelling on your problems. Reminding yourself of your worth, blessings, and talents go a long way to rediscovering your happiness.


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Stress-free Bedtime Morning Checklist


Change of Scene/Environment 

Get outside! Or head to your favorite coffee shop. Or a movie with a friend. Whatever it is, don’t get stuck inside creating your own sad, gloomy world. For me, it’s the beach! But since I currently live in a land-locked state (not for much longer, I hope!), I have had to make some adjustments… So outside for some fresh air and sunshine still does the trick for me! A serious dose of Vitamin D always brings me back to life.


We all go through painful times in our lives, that leave us feeling emotionally unprepared. But getting back in sync with yourself and your emotions, tending to yourself as much as necessary, and having the courage to take a positive step forward builds resilience and patience in this life full of unexpected twists and turns.



And trust me, you’ll be better for it!

Please share your ways of coping with life’s ups and downs. It could go a long way in helping me and others in the future!


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