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A Reintroduction to My Readers & Followers…

Hello regulars and newbies!

If this is your first read, welcome and I hope you stick around a bit! If you keep coming back, I appreciate your support more than you know ♥

As a reintroduction, I’m a young, Kenyan-born scientist using writing and self-care to help me stay grounded. Working in the typical corporate setting has taken me for a emotional ride but has helped me form a more solid and authentic identity. And now, I’m happy to share with you exactly what I do, how I think, and how possible it is to change your mindset and attitude towards life. 

Now for the updates on the website!

I think I’ve settled on a design…. I hope. Its only been changed 3000 times…

Anyway, I’m trying to create the best ways to make sure you’re all getting my content regularly.

Those of you who like to check out my musings, you’ll have more access to updates by subscribing to the email list that drops down when you first enter the site. Also, by following The Melanated Maven blog on the right side of the site. It’ll look basically like this:


To my awesome followers, if you haven’t already, log onto The Melanated Maven site and also subscribe to the email list. 

It would be such a help, since it helps me keep all my subscribers together and I can make sure you’re getting all the inspiring content!

Do you guys have any ideas on how I can make the site better, and more accessible to you? What kind of content would you all like to see on the site?

Until next time!

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