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How a Quick Clay Mask is a Step Towards Self-Love (Infographic)

Today I woke up feeling really confident about my skin. Lately it’s been radiant and getting a little bit more melanated every day. June is feeling like mid-July in the Midwest, and I am NOT feeling it. So I look under my cabinet of lost amazon beauty purchases and find my clay mask supplies. I prefer to make my own knowing the source of ingredients, and I love to add my own holistic touches. Let me tell you about this mask, ladies! Bentonite clay, activated charcoal and water is all you need. But first, info!

Bentonite clay is essentially volcanic ash loaded with beneficial minerals, such as iron and magnesium, according to Wellness Mama. For centuries, many cultures are already experts at its natural effectiveness. Mixed with water, its negative charge helps draw out the positively charged toxins in the skin (chemical impurities, pollution) and replaced with these minerals. The result is:

  • Less oily skin and smaller pores, which means less blemishes
  • Silica in clay exfoliates and softens skin for a natural glow
  • Calming effect on redness, rashes, bites and other topical irritations

Activated charcoal (also called activated carbon) has already been utilized in the medical industry, in absorbing toxins in those who have overdosed or been poisoned, or accidentally consumed chemicals. Reader’s Digest Best Health boasts that it can be used on the skin for the same benefits as bentonite clay. Together, they work to protect the skin from everyday impurities.

Some days when my skin is looking dull after a long night and/or lack of sleep, I take extra steps. For further detoxifying effects, I add a teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar. For added moisture (think supple skin!) and antibacterial effects, a teaspoon of honey works wonders.

Here’s my recipe:

2 Tbsp Bentonite clay

1 tsp Activated Charcoal

Water- 1 tsp at a time until paste

1 tsp raw apple cider vinegar (optional)

1 tsp honey (optional)

First, wet the skin with warm water for 30 seconds, to open the pores. I use a warm washcloth. Mix together (using non-metal supplies) until it forms a paste, and apply to the skin. Leave on for 10 minutes. You may feel a tingly feeling, but don’t be alarmed, it’s working!

It may seem small gesture, but it symbolizes your awareness of when you aren’t at your best, and the time you took to tend to yourself. Small steps get you there, still ♥

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clay mask infographic