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Why I Practice Self-Care Daily

How much of your day is spent practicing self-care? Do you find ways to tend to your mind or physical body? Well if not, this moment is for you! What better way is there to nurture your goals by making sure that you’re doing good? I find that I do my best work when I’m feeling my best, which leads to SO much inspiration. My mind isn’t clouded with distractions like worry and fear. Instead I can’t write my ideas quick enough!

So what things make you feel your best? They don’t have to be large ideas like shopping sprees or over-the top morning rituals , but maybe not second-guessing yourself at work this one time or making the cold mornings more bearable with a mug of green tea (my warmth of choice). Doing small, but consistent actions like these help create a habit of maintaining your self-care. Incorporating it into your already implanted routines, you can squeeze in a quick facial mask, or yoga poses to get your skin glowing and your blood flowing and on your way to a better mood (especially in the mornings)!

Ever recall the feeling of being up all night cramming until you reach a point where you just can’t absorb any more information? Or even a long day at work leaving you feeling burnt out and starving because you skipped lunch? These are days when we are more likely to shove our few moments of self-care to the side for the sake of “I don’t have time”. Days like these are when I hit my self-care a bit harder. For those long days, I try to fuel my day with a lot of water and quick snacks/breaks to keep my energy high. Almonds, avocados, and trail mix/granola have been lifesavers for me! Mentally, when we’re swamped, a part of us starts to panic. But we can actually control that response by keeping our breathing steady and reminding ourselves that we ARE capable. And that it is ok to ask for help when needed! Telling ourselves we can’t is already setting our minds up for negativity, then the potential for giving up. We want to be our own best cheerleader, not worst enemy. You are the key to your own success!

If exercise is a way that your soul feels satisfied and is a goal for your life, then keeping a routine is the best way to keep a very important promise to yourself. One of the ways I maintain my self care is always make time for the things that make me feel content. Starting my day with mantras or affirmations sets my mindset going in a positive direction forward and going about my day with confidence and purpose helps to create a more stable self-image and contributes to my happiness on a daily basis.

These are the things we can’t lose!

If you know what ways you tend to your self-care, do them! If you are searching, make it a priority for yourself! We can’t actualize our dreams without taking the steps first to make the dream a reality. And it works by taking the small steps that show you that you are capable of putting your needs first.

So what are you going to do today?


If life gives you limes, make margaritas.