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“Self care is never selfish”




Below I have listed posts and articles I have written on my personal blog and guest contributions. I’m incredibly passionate about writing to inspire women to create more authentic and happier lives through self care. My writing expertise is in self care and personal development through productive, positive mindset habits and natural living. But I am open to other relevant topics. Read more about me here!




Guest Posts




5 Types of Self Care Guide                 The Essential Guide to the 5 Types of Self Care


27 Self-Care Affirmations For a Positive Mindset           27 Self-Care Affirmations For a Positive Mindset

The Best Bedtime Routine For A Stress-Free Morning pinterest                 The Best Bedtime Routine For a Stress-Free Morning


Female entrepreneur Jersey Garcia: Helping Women Have Healthy Relationships pinterest               Jersey Garcia: Helping Black Women Have Healthy Relationships




Blog Posts



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How Being Patient With Yourself Reduces Stress


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The 5 Best Reasons to Trust Your Instincts


3 Better Ways to Invest in Yourself Daily


How The Japanese Double Cleansing Method Cured My Oily Skin





Listed As a Self Care Resource



GMichelle: Daily Self-Care


Melanin Therapy




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