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4 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Goals, And How To Stop

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Do you sometimes feel like you’ve become your own worst enemy? The quickest one to assume that you won’t live up to your own expectations and plans? These thoughts are the fastest way to turn intentions into zero action, leaving you right where you started. I’ve definitely been in the trenches with this, and occasionally still have to dig myself out.

It took me having to recognize that I have control over how I view myself, and even more importantly, how I talk to myself was my first step to regaining real control over my emotional self.

All action begins with some form of thought, so I started looking into what I may be doing to possibly self-sabotage. And of course, I found plenty of habits that needed to be changed. Almost obvious things that I could change with honestly not too much effort.

Ways You May Be Sabotaging Yourself

Not Enough Self-Care

Ladies, can we give ourselves a break? Now that you’ve taken care of everyone else, how about you take care of you? Without practicing self-care, we leave little energy for ourselves. So even though you have all these amazing ideas and interests swirling around in your mind, you’re too exhausted mentally and physically to focus on you. Start by incorporating something small, like saying no to drinks with girlfriends after a busy week and using that time to relax and recoup however you want. Nothing wrong with “playing busy”!

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All Plans, No Action

This has and still is an issue of mine. Sometimes I get so lost daydreaming about the excitement of planning and completing it, then don’t follow through. Then I get upset and stressed, which really kills my motivation. Has this happened to you? Again, I suggest to just start small. You definitely don’t have to do it all now, so catch a breath! Whatever your plan is, break it up into separate, actionable steps, that you will tackle over a longer time-frame. Small steps will still get you to where you want to be, and help you gain momentum (and confidence), while staying patient with yourself and not creating unnecessary stress. Let’s keep things productive, but light!

We all struggle with procrastination, am I right? Here’s how I overcome mine!

Negative Self-Talk

You knew this was coming! Basically, you’ve stopped yourself before you even started! Your thoughts create your reality, and if you think you can’t do it, you won’t. It’s that simple. Also, unfortunately we aren’t blessed with the ability to see the future, so how can we truly know the outcome? And what happens if you stop thinking of all the possibilities of it going wrong, and put that mental energy into planning for it to work out? That way you focus on what you can control, which is your action. I don’t know about you but I like those odds much better!

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Letting Unsupportive Relationships Stop You

I’ll keep it short and sweet. This journey is about YOU! Recognizing a passion and having the ambition to see it forward is one of the best parts about life. Feeling like the ones closest to you don’t have you back is heartbreaking, but you have to decide to move forward, with or without their support. Your intuition is sending you a clear message that they don’t want to be along for the ride, and you have to be OK with their decision. Some relationships are meant for short-term, while others are there through thick and thin. And it’s up to us to decide to live life on our own terms, despite what others choose to do. Nothing and no one should ever  stop you from fulfilling your purpose. We don’t live our lives for others, but for ourselves.

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We’re already constantly surrounded by negativity, whether it’s in our jobs, relationships, social media, and even the news. Intentionally deciding to be your biggest cheerleader, attacking your plans with confidence, and being open to positive outcomes allows for less negative thoughts that tend to lead to insecurities and no action.

No matter what is going on around us, we can have as much control of ourselves as we want. And awareness of this is really the key to deciding to live differently. Once you discover and handle the things that may be holding you back, it’s only a matter of time before you really see where your passions take you.



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