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How to Turn Your New Year’s Resolutions into Reality!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that it’s already 2018, but I can say that I am happy to start this year with a new and fresh perspective. And with that comes new and fresh goals that I definitely intend to make my reality!

Here are my tools:


Jot down the awesome things that you’ve done this past year!

Before you start to hack away at your resolutions for 2018, take some time to thank and appreciate yourself for what you’ve done this year! You’ve made moves and you should be proud of the amazing things that you’ve manifested for yourself. Whether you landed that new job or promotion, or you finally learned a skill that you’re proud of.

Even better than that, what I find to be even more important, is how have you GROWN, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? I know that I’ve found that I’ve grown much more resilient in the face of negativity. From calming down my intense road rage to dusting off negative comments and opinions from others. And I know that my much calmer mind (and my blood pressure!) have thanked me for it.

Also, knowing your mental, emotional and spiritual progress helps paint a realistic picture and a sense of who you are, in this present moment. I think of it like taking before and after pictures when on a fitness journey. We love seeing ourselves change for the better. And you don’t truly know where you are going if you don’t know where you’re starting from. It’s easy to recall some of the big accomplishments that we have made, but it’s unlikely that we remember everything. All of the planning, good habits and positive attitudes that have led you to turn those previous goals into reality, I believe are really the meat of the goal itself. The essence of who you are, and can continue to motivate you to keep going into 2018. Those small, beneficial steps helped you make BIG moves last year, and are likely to be what you’d want to carry on into this new year!


Make realistic goals

Choosing realistic goals for ourselves targets our urges to get overwhelmed and  give up too quickly. Society is full of quick-fixes and instantaneous results, which causes us to have a MUCH shorter attention span. But when transforming ourselves for the better, we can’t give up so easily! So if your goal is to run a 10k this year but you have never run a mile, it may be biting off a bit more than you can chew. Start with a run/walk event then graduate to a mile or 5k. This is more likely to ensure your success and continued progress, and motivate you even more with each step!

*Need an extra push? Read about how your intuition can give you more motivation


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Be mindful of the goals you’re setting

Do your resolutions look more like a to-do list, then a vision of how you want to transform yourself this year? This, at least for me, can make my goals feel more trying and more of an action item then taking steps to better myself. What kind of person do you want to be? If you want happiness, what will you do for it? And how will you get there?

Try to create a picture of what REAL desires you have for yourself. I strongly recommend taking 10 minutes to yourself, in a quiet space with no distractions and think about what it is that YOU truly want in this life, not just this year. But try to not let your mind wander too much— it can lead you down a path of worries and fears, which are the real killers of dreams and motivation! I let my heart and intuition speak through me and when I feel those butterflies of excitement, I know that I’m on the right path. One of my goals is to move from the Midwest to San Diego, California this year! Sunshine, beaches, opportunities in science, and a community geared towards overall wellness and self-care are some of the things that make me the happiest.


Break down your goals into mini-goals

Smaller steps towards your goal not only keep you from getting overwhelmed, but also help to pace your steps towards it. It feels so much more manageable and seeing your progress each time will help to motivate you to keep going! So write them down! It can also help you address any unexpected obstacles without slowing down your stride too much.

Sometimes leaving too much time to accomplish a task or goal can cause us to be more likely to procrastinate, which doesn’t always allow us to put in our best and full-faith efforts. And mini-goals give us something to continuously work towards! That way, when the year is over, we aren’t asking ourselves what happened. There have been plenty of my resolutions in the past that were quickly forgotten by April.


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So I’ll leave you with some of my other goals for 2018 and onward. With my passion for writing this blog, I aspire to become an influenser to others who desire mindfulness and belief in their intuition and themselves to become a reality and transform their lives and perspectives. With that I hope for my first published e-book, and to eventually work as a confidence and wellness coach. That is A LOT for one year, so I’m starting small by starting a Youtube channel very soon to get my message and content out there!

Wish me luck! And I wish all of you the best start (and finish!) for 2018.


Remember: When you set out to accomplish something, don’t underestimate the powers of what you can do!


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  1. Very inspiring & moving post. It gives me the nudge to propell towards my goals. As I climb the the fruit tree holding & stepping on one limb at a time, I know consistency & commitment will get me to the top so I can pick up that juicy fruit!!!!! Thanks for putting the fire in me🔥🔥

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