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3 Effective Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Balance

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Just wanted to throw a quick one at you today! When I’m feeling extra stressed, finding ways to improve my spiritual balance is one of the first things I look to. 

Check out my quick tips to help you keep it together, even in the most trying times. You do so much, you deserve this!



1. Take Time to Self-Love Daily

No matter what your agenda is for the day, it is imperative to engage in the things you enjoy. Putting your needs on the back-burner translates to your spirit that your needs are not as important as the tasks on your list.


Suffer from Type A hyper-productivity like me? Break up your to-dos for the day. Start the morning with an activity that genuinely awakens your spirit like taking a walk in your favorite park or making your favorite breakfast.


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Knock some tasks of your list, and then reward yourself again with something you love. Creating a rewards system will give you something to look forward to and not leave you feeling drained at the end of the day. You’ll be both productive and have learned to trust your instincts enough to tend to your spirit’s needs.



2. Distance Yourself From Negativity

When you open your spirit up to the negativity of others, you create a space that makes you more vulnerable and is therefore easily penetrable. Their bad attitude may rub off onto you through a hostile interaction and end up affecting how you treat yourself and others in that moment, and even throughout the day, if you let it. This is your chance to improve your spiritual balance by nipping it in the bud. 


Think of your spirit as a sandcastle and negativity as an incoming tide. No matter how solid the sandcastle, even the smallest amount of water can crumble its foundation. But not if you construct it with some distance from the tide! Address others who are suffering with a positive and non-judgmental attitude, in hopes that your good spirits will rub off on them, not the other way around.



3. Calm Your Mind

Thoughts of self-doubt and unrealistic comparisons are other ways to throw off your spiritual balance. When you allow your thoughts to make you feel badly about yourself, it can be a slippery slope.


Subsequent behavior, action, and thought are now affected. But luckily there are ways you can quickly take control. First ask yourself some direct questions.


  • Do these thoughts stem from something that negatively affected me earlier and may be contributing to my thoughts and emotional response?


  • Ultimately does this matter in my life? A few years from now?



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Our thoughts have a nasty way of tricking us into believing that these moments of self-doubt are significant. This drives actions that are usually not in line with who we really are and what we want for ourselves.


The next time your negative thoughts direct you away from your authenticity, ask yourself if they truly matter, and if they’re worth distracting your from the direction of your purpose. Each time you convert that negative thought into a positive action, you learn to invest in yourself



How do you improve your spiritual balance, inside and out? I’d love to hear your techniques!


Until next time!


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