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How I Use My Intuition to Achieve My Personal Goals

I want to talk about a topic that used to be so foreign to me, but now I can’t imagine how I navigated through my life without it! I’m talking about the idea of Synchronicity. I’m convinced that our intuition, or sense of personal purpose and the guidance of the universe work together, and that only by following that intuition by being and living as our true selves, can we can live our life’s purposes and passions.  


By intuition, I mean that mental, emotional, and spiritual pang that causes you to pause or think twice. That gut feeling. Whether it’s feelings of regret for doing something you know you shouldn’t have, or missing out on an opportunity that you swore was meant for you. Those feelings are all too real, and we sometimes we wish we can go back.    



But going forward gives us the opportunity to change.


To pay more attention to that inner voice and give it more credit this time.


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I’ve found that coincidences in my life aren’t random, unexpected happenings, but also a kind of synchronicity. Like clues, or little whispers from universe to look into something further. I’ve been in the right place at the right time countless times, because I felt that intuitive pang and followed through with it. For me, it has been leaving a job that was taking a serious toll of my emotional well-being, only to come back to the same company a month later when a position I had eyed for years has opened up. If I had continued in my misery, I would have never checked for openings in the first place!    



It reminds me of learning about Newton’s 3rd law in elementary school. With every force, there is an equal and opposite force, whether we notice it or not.


When the forces come together, your intuition and the universe as a guide, you are rewarded with courage in fulfilling your goals.



I can’t even tell you the amount of times I have found myself in a hot mess of a situation because I was doing something I was uncertain of in the first place. Let me tell you, that realization has made me feel like an idiot many times; just knowing that intuitively, I knew I should have trusted my gut.


Luckily, when I began following my intuition was when I started have more and more positive experiences.The more I went into life confidently, the more encouraging life was. And the more encouraging the situations were, it only boosted my confidence that much more! The universe was then and continues to respond to my desire to always embrace my spirit and identity.    



The same will work for you. For anyone and everyone who is truly willing to take control and direction of their lives.



Most of the time, we’re the ones standing in our own way. Dwelling on what we don’t have and not playing to our strengths. Swapping out “Why can’t I do this?” and replacing it with “How can I do this?”, creates a shift in perspective. The mission and motivation now becomes “How can I make this happen for me?”.    



I challenge you to give it a try.



Watch as the universe positively responds to your awareness. How you respond to what your inner voice is telling you. I believe that recognizing a synchronicity, a meeting of the universe’s plans and your purpose, leads to pointing out even more synchronicities.


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This heightened awareness of your sense of self will give you more faith, and then even more confidence to keep living your life as authentically as possible. It is a constant reminder that you will thrive because you have the confidence to be exactly who you are and embrace every bit of who you are.   


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