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Intuitive Tuesdays… Coming soon!

Within the next few weeks, I’m going to be launching what I like to call Intuitive Tuesdays! It will be a bi-weekly post of whatever it is that has sparked my spirit recently and given me a new intuitive perspective on how I view myself and my life.

I spend a lot of time discovering ways to always remind myself the potential I possess and get me to push past my fear, and I hope to give you regular inspiration to do the same. And it’s my way of giving you guys even more honest content straight from my personal experiences, how I addressed them, and how I maintain the lessons I’ve learned through living with a mind more at peace.

Everyday we all have something to learn about ourselves and staying active in our spirit will only continue to make us better and carry ourselves with solid confidence to pursue whatever our passions are.

Feel free to share any shifts in your personal perspectives below and follow my blog to catch the first official               Intuitive Tuesday post!

Peace & Love ♥

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