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3 Better Ways to Invest in Yourself Daily

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Almost daily, I try my best to find small ways to invest in myself, especially when I’m feeling burnt out. From starting my day with a good breakfast to starting a new book I’ve been meaning to get to.


I’ve found these ways to invest in yourself are just quick enough to fit into a busy lifestyle, and not feel like you’ve neglected to trust your instincts.



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3 Ways to Invest in Yourself


1. Develop a morning routine

Taking the time to develop a morning routine (or any routine) that helps to reduce your stress, is another easy way to invest in yourself. I believe that setting a daily routine of what I enjoy and can help the day go smoother and make waking up in the mornings much easier.


Whether it’s taking a walk, having a good breakfast, make sure you follow through! Making it a routine will make it harder to shelf it for a task that works for your to-do list, but not for you.


Stress-free Bedtime Morning Checklist



2. Clear your mental space 

Incorporate activities like reading and writing and meditating to your day. I love to read a lesson for the day (see the MM booklist!) and journal about how it relates to my life.


Looking inward more often will keep you more aware of yourself, keep you investing in yourself, and become a better listener to your inner voice. Trust me, even 15 minutes a day of spiritual balance will set you on the right track.



3. Commit to keeping promises to yourself

Are you Type A? Then I know your to-do list is never-ending. I know the feeling! But letting the list take over leaves you no time for yourself. Make a promise to yourself to do one productive thing and also, one thing that puts a smile on your face.


It will instill confidence in yourself when you follow through with your own promises to yourself. Plus you’ll still feel productive without the added stress. Because if you can keep your word to everyone else, you can do the same for yourself!


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Make these non-negotiable. Don’t swap them out for more to-dos. When you feel like your best you by investing in yourself, it becomes easier to tackle the day and feel confident in your decisions.



Why not give these tips a try? Test them out and let me know if they work for you!



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