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Lemon Wedge Pesticides Made Me Sick

Lemon Wedge Pesticides


Adding lemon to my water has been a staple in my morning routine for years. But did you know that the lemon wedge pesticides can make you sick?



The antioxidants in lemon juice are powerful because they aid in digestion, hydration and the much needed energy boost when I’m up up early. But recently out of sheer laziness, I’ve been throwing the lemon wedges right into my water. 



Sometimes it’s just too early.



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Well, that was a big mistake. A few weeks later, I started feeling like I was coming down with the flu. I was dealing with all the classic signs. Fatigue, constant headaches, muscle soreness, sweating, nausea, even sinus pressure. I was even experiencing trouble sleeping, which I’ve never have a problem with.



I realized that I may have been experiencing the symptoms of mild pesticide poisoning. My own natural regimen was making me sick!




What I Found Out About Lemon Wedge Pesticides


Citrus fruits like lemons, lime, and other fruits like cantaloupe have a hard rind that is difficult to penetrate. Because of this, larger amounts and much harsher pesticides and chemicals are used, with supposedly no consequences to the flesh on the inside that we eat.



With most produce, you can get away with washing most of the debris and dirt. But the lemon’s waxy coating loaded with dangerous chemicals do not wash away easily. Some common lemon wedge pesticides include Imazalil, Chlorpyrifos, and Thiabendazole.



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Chlorpyrifos: A common agricultural insecticide, that when in contact, can cause excessive sweating, dizziness, and weakness, and insomnia. Studies have even shown links to negative neurological effects of the development of children!


Imazalil: A widely used fungicide to help prevent the mold and fungi from attacking the fruit. It is a KNOWN carcinogen and even has poses threats to our water systems and ecosystems. Contact with this fungicide causes headaches, nausea and muscle weakness.


Thiabendazole: Also a fungicide used to control mold, causes toxic effects such as loss of appetite, headaches, chills, and even diarrhea.




Trust Your Intuition


The use of these lemon wedge pesticides has even caused much concern among the public, with major groups even protesting against its use. With this knowledge, the EPA still allows its somewhat unrestricted use, with no concrete limitations.



Since I knew I wasn’t feeling like myself and my routine hadn’t changed, I decided to conduct my own little experiment. I stopped putting lemon wedges directly into my water and kept on about my normal routine for a few weeks.



Now I’m feeling much better and no longer feeling the symptoms!



Because it takes time to accumulate in your body, so it explains why I didn’t feel the negative effects until recently. So now with this new-found knowledge, I’m even more aware of what I am putting into my body.



Don’t live recklessly like I did. Take the extra few minutes to squeeze your lemons! And don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly after handling them. But more importantly, I learned a lesson to trust my intuition



Here’s an easy guide to making your own DIY pesticide wash



So I hope when you find yourself in a similar situation with your intuition, you’ll take the time to listen to what your body and mind need. Sometimes it takes a little time and a little research, but maintaining your health is an active step in your self care.



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