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My Favorite Milani Brand Lipsticks!

My Favorite Milani Brand Lipsticks


Milani cosmetics is one of my favorite beauty brands that do a great job at catering to deep skin tones. They carry a wide variety of products for all skin tones, but the pigments of their foundations, blushes, and eye shadows are always so on point. And their Milani lipsticks are no exception!




My Favorite Milani Lipsticks



Matte Confident

This Milani lipstick is definitely my go-to on a night out. It has that confidence of a bold, red lip, with a slight hint of pink. It’s not a traditional red, so it pops just a bit more against my brown skin, which I love. It glides on really smooth, like most Milani lipsticks, but is even better because it quickly dries to a beautiful soft matte finish.



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Even though it’s a matte lipstick, it still has a bit of shine, but thankfully doesn’t come off on my drink glass. Even better, it doesn’t need constant reapplying, thank God. Nothing worse than spending half your night making sure your lipstick is on point. Who’s got the time? I want to enjoy my night, thank you! 5 hours later, my application still looks flawless and my lips still feel hydrated.


milani lipstick matte confidentGet it Here



Matte Love

Another staple in my collection, Matte Love Milani lipstick glides on easily as a deep plum with red tones, perfect to add some color to an outfit of mostly autumn tones like dark greens and browns. I usually pair it with an all black outfit for a bolder look.


Just like the Matte Confident, it has a soft matte finish, stays well hydrated throughout, and doesn’t require much reapplication. I usually do a slight touch-up once, just for my own selfish vanity. Sometimes I just cant help myself!


milani lipstick matte loveGet it Here



Teddy Bare

This amazing must-have is the one of the three Milani lipsticks that I use the most! It’s the perfect nude lip for any occasion, and I love pairing it with colorful and patterned outfits, that don’t necessarily need a bold lip to accompany it. But it helps to give an even more polished look, if you love lipstick as much as I do!


Teddy Bare has a a subtle shine after applying it, but isn’t overwhelming like a lip gloss, and glides on even smoother than the mattes I mentioned. It feels even more moisturizing than the mattes, which is so needed for a nude lippie.


I’ve found that nudes that dry out quickly tend to look even worse on your lips than darker colors. I love the natural look it creates for different skin tones, from fair to deep.


milani lipstick teddy bareGet it Here




milani swatches

(My swatch appears more pink (blame my camera flash) but it truly mimics the dark pink/salmon pigmentation of my lips)




Overall, Milani lipsticks never disappoint. I love a brand that doesn’t take too much effort to look amazing, especially for women of color. The struggle to find a good lip color (or foundation, or blush, or…) is all too familiar for us. But with these, I’m constantly collecting more and more and giving them a try. And these favorites of mine, I find that I use regularly, for both a night out and casual look.



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You can’t go wrong from the easy packaging, longevity, nice smell (you know those ones that smell like crayons…they know who they are!), not to mention the color pay-off and affordability! I nabbed these high-quality lipsticks for $6 at my local Walgreens. Not bad for a drugstore dupe!




Do you love the Milani brand as much as I do? Or have any lipstick faves from their collection?





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  1. Not a bad price, am a lip gloss girl but will definitely give it a shot. Informative post. Thanks

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