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Benefits of Oily Skin- The Japanese Double Cleansing Method

Japanese double cleansing for oily skin problem

All my life I have had a love-hate relationship with my oily skin. I’ve tried EVERYTHING under the sun, from primers to chafing gel (a trend from a few years back) to even, believe it or not, avoiding moisturizer all together. And I’ve learned that that is a NO NO.   But I’ve realized that my oily skin has so…

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Intuitive Tuesday: How Lemon Water Made Me Sick!

lemon water sick tired irritable

Adding lemon to my water has been a staple in my morning routine for years. The antioxidants in lemon juice have so many benefits that aid in digestion, hydration and the much needed energy boost when I’m up at the crack of dawn! I can go on and on in the natural ways it has helped me. But recently, I’ve…

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Is Your Lack of Self-Patience Causing You More Stress?

patience self care cause stress

It seems like lately at every turn, someone or something is always trying to hurry us along. Whether it’s the people in your life, deadlines,  or even imaginary deadlines and pressures we place on ourselves. This extra stress can cause us to focus more on the task, and less on nurturing ourselves in the times we need it most. In…

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How I Knew To Ditch My Toxic Friendships (Intuitive Tuesday)

how to get rid of toxic friends relationship problems

We all have those friends we hang out with, but don’t necessarily like. You know the ones… The friend who always flakes on you, or the negative friend who talks about nothing but celebrity gossip and other people. Even the one that you just drink with, but don’t actually have a good time. Why do we hang out with these people?!…

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Why I Practice Self-Care Daily

Self care happiness positivity

How much of your day is spent practicing self-care? Do you find ways to tend to your mind or physical body? Well if not, this moment is for you! What better way is there to nurture your goals by making sure that you’re doing good? I find that I do my best work when I’m feeling my best, which leads…

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