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Channeling Difficult Times into Creative Productivity (Intuitive Tuesday)

Good morning! I figured it was about time for another Intuitive Tuesday post. It has definitely been far too long! And today’s topic is on an even more personal level for me, as of late. I have been going through some painful times in my family and personal life, and have been coping better than expected. Besides the amazing support…

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Rice Water Toner for Glowing, Softer Skin

Time for a DIY Challenge! Have you heard about the new trend of using rice water as a toner for your skin? I just recently came across it and my mom was RAVING about how her skin was glowing and felt more supple and moisturized. Not to mention her co-workers and I had noticed and demanded to know what she…

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My Favorite Milani Brand Lipsticks!

Milani cosmetics is one of my favorite beauty brands that do a great job at catering to deep skin tones. They carry a wide variety of products for all skin tones, but the pigments of their foundations, blushes, and eye shadows are always so on point. And their lipsticks are no exception! Here are 3 of my favorite ones: Matte…

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Challenging DIY Beauty & Health Trends!

DIY is all over the internet these days. Who doesn’t like to save money, and also the pride of creating something for themselves? I’ll be honest… I’m cheap, and I love anything that incorporates natural ingredients with accessibility! So with all the DIY beauty trends out there,  it gets me excited to try them. But also skeptical. Do they really…

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Sexual Harassment Against Women of Color

Have you ever experienced sexual harassment as a woman of color, and felt that discrimination and stereotypes worked even more against you and kept you from coming forward? Let me explain… After I uploaded my last post about sexual harassment against women, I thought of an interesting perspective. Funny enough, it was my perspective as well, but I felt that…

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