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The LCO Method for Natural Hair: From Dry to Baby-Soft!

Over the years, I’ve grown to love my journey of transitioning to natural hair. There have definitely been struggles, but there is no greater pride in ourselves as black women than taking care of what is naturally our own. I love scouring the internet for better ways to tend to myself…

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How I Use My Intuition to Achieve My Personal Goals

I want to talk about a topic that used to be so foreign to me, but now I can’t imagine how I navigated through my life without it! I’m talking about the idea of Synchronicity. I’m convinced that our intuition, or sense of personal purpose and the guidance of the…

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What To Do When Overthinking and Fear Keep You From Even Starting

Once again, I have come back from a long hiatus. Of course, I can say that I was too busy and just couldn’t find the time to sit down and commit, which was part of the issue. But I might as well be as honest as possible and admit that…

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Energize Your Morning with Watermelon, Lemon and a Hint of Mint! (Infographic)

The summers in the Midwest are pretty brutal when it comes to humidity. But I just can NOT deal with the bitter cold so I’ll take the warmth when I can get it! But it’s getting closer to the fall season, and I still had some energizing summer recipes to…

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The Pride in Our Strength is Killing Us, And How Black Women Can Change It

As black women, the experiences we face are unique and somehow we endure it all. Our strength is something to be envied, but sometimes I know I take on more than I can handle. I’m sure I’m not the only one.   How can we help it? We’ve seen it…

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