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My 5-Day Awaken Your Intuition Self Care Email Course is Here!


Awaken Your Intuition Email Course


Self Care September is here and I’m back to help you find even more ways to get in tune with yourself, and your self care. So to help celebrate, I unveiled a brand-new FREE self care email course for you guys! Now it’s not just about tackling your self care, but about why it’s so important to be connected to and listen to your instincts.


My self care email course will teach you that intuition is awareness.



Knowing what you need to live a happier life true to you helps keep you focused on making sure that you fulfill those needs. It exposes the weaknesses in your self care so you can tweak your actions to better suit youAnd you have the control to cultivate a more authentic life.



In my 5-Day Awaken Your Intuition course, we will dive deep into:


♦ Creating mental and physical self care space anywhere! And the importance of quieting the mind of distractions to heighten your inner voice.

♦ The freedom you gain when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and be honest about your needs.

♦ How being more patient with yourself will lessen the stress and anxiety of a chaotic daily life. Your only obligation to yourself is to be better than you were yesterday, not compete with the unrealistic standards of society.

♦ Stopping negative thoughts from ruling your life and triggering anxiety.

♦ Learning to trust the process and more importantly, yourself.


If you’re tired of living for other people’s expectations and you’re ready to embrace your authentic self, this self care email course is for you. Each day will teach you to trust your gut and look to yourself for the answers.

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  1. The idea & practice if living your life not gor others expectations is a winner. Inspiring practical content always . 👍👍

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