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5 Self Care Tips for Empaths


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I’ve always been highly sensitive to emotions and crowded environments. It’s difficult for me to be around people that give off negative vibes and it doesn’t take long in public before I’m exhausted from sensory overload.


Maybe it’s the Pisces in me (we’re known to be incredibly empathetic) or my intuition, but self care for empaths is so necessary especially when you start to feel that emotionally overwhelmed.


But being an empath can definitely have its perks! It means you’re really in tune, observant and probably been told that you’re a great listener.


Empaths create an easy environment for people to lean on and open up to for support, so it’s no surprise if this sounds familiar.


But because empaths tend to be “rescuers”, it’s easy to get wrapped up in someone else’s drama. You want so badly to take others’ pain and problems, even going to extreme lengths to do so, and eventually avoiding your own.


When you’re busy juggling everyone else’s mental state, it can be suffocating and emotionally triggering for you. Here are 5 self care tips for empaths to find relief!



5 Self Care Tips for Empaths




Other People’s Problems Are Not Yours


First and foremost, it is not your responsibility to take on what others are going through. When you give everyone your all emotionally, you can set yourself up for the expectation that it will always be reciprocated. And when you perceive like it’s not, it can feel isolating and like no one has your back when you need it most.


Self care is knowing that you are enough just by being present in the moment. You can still empathize without feeling like you’re obligated to make someone feel better right away.


Giving your support and willingness to talk and listen is enough. This way, you won’t be left feeling emotionally drained and unwilling to be vulnerable the next time (shout-out to one of my spiritual heroes, Brené Brown!).



Healthy Distractions


As naturally empathetic people, it’s easy to pick up on the energies and vibrations constantly surrounding us every day. Long work meetings, large crowds, the news, and even the negative behavior of others can leave you feeling drained by the end of the day.


Even worse, you’re left with no energy for anything (or anyone) else that you actually enjoy. Unplugging, taking breaks for quiet time, going outside, and listening something calming are effective self care tips for empaths to help break up the tension in their day.



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Schedule Alone Time


I already mentioned this, but make sure to get your alone time! I’ve learned that I’m comfortable being an extrovert when I’m in the mood, but definitely have a threshold for how much social interaction I can take.


It’s so important to make sure you get time to yourself, so you can move at your own pace and feel more in control your surroundings. These moments of self care can really bring a sense of calm, especially to a chaotic day.


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Set Emotional Boundaries


Without some emotional boundaries, your naturally empathetic nature will answer to anyone’s cry for help, at any time. When a loved one is in need, we empaths tend to drop everything. We just can’t help ourselves! But constantly getting sucked into other people’s problems leaves you thinking about your own needs last.


For example:


+ Offering loved ones money you don’t have because you feel badly for their situation, only hurts you in the end.

+ Not speaking up about your own needs to a family member because you fear they may take it personally or get upset. Bottling up your emotions can create resentment!

+ Rushing to answer every single text from a friend you worry about might mean that you’re too involved.


Provide support in other ways by letting them vent, create a positive distraction like meeting for dinner, or even a simple call or text to check up on them.



Trust Your Instincts


Trusting your intuition will keep you grounded in your sense of self and what you allow in your space. When you feel an uneasiness in your gut when you’re around someone or a particular environment, take it seriously.



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Your inner instincts exist to protect your emotional energy in the same way adrenaline is your survival response to danger. Find ways to keep your distance, minimize being in environments that make you uncomfortable, and above all else, listen to your intuition!



Without self care, the world can be an incredibly overwhelming place for empaths. Taking breaks, setting boundaries, scheduling time alone, trusting your intuition, and not feeling obligated are some effective ways for empaths to practice a little more self care.

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