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A Self-Care Planner & Journal to Kick-Start Self-Care September

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Happy Self-Care September!


As we transition into fall and colder weather, I figured it was a good time to kick my self-care practice into high gear with a self care planner. Sweater-weather is quick to get us spending less time outside and more time under the covers.


And sometimes that means we become even more lax with other priorities in our lives. I admit I spend a lot of time racing home just to sit in my robe, fuzzy socks, and sip some hot tea.


Cold weather just makes me lazy…


So when Farah Harris approached me with her 21-Day WorkingWell Daily Self Care Planner & Journal, I jumped at the chance to learn even more ways to up my self-care journal game! As a licensed therapist, Farah is incredibly knowledgeable in mental health, shifting mindsets and the art of self-care.


Her journal does a great job at highlighting that mental health stability and self-care go hand-in-hand, and can take just a few minutes a day to practice.



Working Well Daily Self Care Planner and Journal



One of the things I love about her WorkingWell Journal is that it’s broken down into the different domains of self-care:



+ Personal 

+ Psychological

+ Emotional

+ Spiritual 

+ Physical




What if I told you that a simple self care planner could transform how you’ve approached self care in the past?


And help you create a better routine that will stick this time?




You’re going to love the creative self-care ideas and tips Farah came up with, with each day packed with tons of examples of mind, body, and soul conditioning habits. Why? Because self care confidence goes far beyond affirmations and pedicures! And having a plan dramatically increases your chance of following through.



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Sneak peek of Farah’s self care planner below!

*This is a sponsored post, but all of my opinions and experiences are my own. I will always strive to provide you with realistic, transparent, and useful information.




Day 1: Have a Bedtime Routine


coffee and journal in bed morning


Farah jumps right into Day 1 with explaining how essential it is for your mindset to create a bedtime routine. Prep activities like sticking to a schedule and getting quality sleep are crucial to improving brain health. Translation: Better memory, retention, and productivity for the day ahead!



Need help creating a routine? Here’s my proven method!



stress free bedtime morning routine opt in clickable.png



Day 4: Maximize Your Commute


morning traffic


Do you have a long morning commute? If so, Farah suggests making the most of that time by reading a book, putting on some music, or my favorite: listening to podcasts. Intentionally beginning your day with positive stimulation (or even quiet time) using a self care planner puts the control in your hands. You are taking the things in your life that you can control, and making them work for you. Be proactive, instead of reactive!


Looking for a new read? In last week’s newsletter, I introduced a new series I’m calling my Self-Care Book of the Month! This month’s feature is:


The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes book

Get Your Copy Here!



Day 14: Stop Comparing Yourself


Comparing yourself to heavily edited Instagram photos (or for me, bloggers with a large following) doesn’t allow you to see the strengths and talents you have to offer. Farah notes that it can also create a lack of self-confidence, which is a motivation killer. Focus on making your own strengths even more solid, and bettering yourself in the areas that you think need improvement.


We both know how the mind can twist things to reflect our insecurities, instead of the truth, so stop giving your fearful thoughts so much credit!



Kurt Cobain quote



By the last week, referring to my journal had become second nature. This is because it was conveniently centered around 21 days, which studies show is about how long it takes to create a habit. I found it to be such a valuable tool to get yourself used to putting your personal self-care at the top of your To-Do list for the day.  Especially if you’re struggling with keeping a continual routine! This self care journal really got me in the frame of mind of thinking about myself and my needs more often in the day, from each aspect of self-care.


I would even recommend you use this every few months, as a reference to keep you steadily thinking about and more importantly, acting on your needs.


There are many different ways to practice self-care in your daily life. And being intentional with your actions and committing to tending to yourself is a necessary maintenance.


It will help you take time to be so much more aware of who, what, and where your stress and anxiety come from. It’s so important to identify those sources, and address them head-on. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself, your mindset, and your genuine happiness… and only takes a few minutes a day!



Now ask yourself this: ‘What have I done for myself, today?”




Grab your copy of the WorkingWell Journal for only $19.99, and check out Farah’s website for more self-care and therapy resources!




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