Free Self Care Sessions

Routinely practicing self care isn’t just an action, it’s a mindset. And like a habit, it takes time and effort to implement a routine that you don’t have to think too much about. You just do it!


When I was at my most stressed, the idea of making my emotional and mental well-being a priority was a distant memory. It was more important for me to do everything, and to do it well. No matter the physical cost.


I needed a break.



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Now, I am no longer sacrificing myself to the point of exhaustion and self care is one of the most essential parts of my daily routine!



How Can You Cultivate This Habit For Yourself?



This is why I created The Melanated Maven Self-Care Sessions weekly newsletter. Think of it as taking a few moments for yourself to reflect. A time to push obligations and responsibilities out of your mind and make room for creating structure around your self care habits for the coming week. Here’s a sneak peak!



Each week I include:



+A focus to concentrate on for the week


+ Blog updates and new posts


+Self care practice tips


+Affirmations & Quotes


+Inspiring content I’ve stumbled across


+Self Care Book of the Month selection




And guess what? It’s FREE!


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Join community of women who are passionate about their personal growth, emotional well-being, and where life will take them when they focus on themselves. Join the conversation in my Self Care Sessions Facebook Group (and check out the page too!), and regular self care motivation and inspiration on my Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!



Join over 400 women and gain instant access to The Melanated Maven Self Care Sessions, for weekly self care tips and tools, empowerment and positive mindset resources!