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Hi! I’m Joanna, from St. Louis, Missouri. I’m a highly self-motivated freelance writer and self care blogger for stressed out women, looking to live more calm and less anxious lives.


As a recovering perfectionist and over-thinker, my background in science and passion for mental health and wellness has fueled my writing. In three years, I’ve built an engaging blog and social media presence, gained copywriting and targeted marketing experience, and partnered with companies and brands.


Being naturally detail-minded, I tailor my well-researched writing to be SEO-driven and informative, yet relatable. I’m also skilled in editing, proofreading, and writing compelling web copy. So check out my services below to see how I can help!


Blog & Content Writing


Is it starting to wear on you to have to constantly think of blogging topics, let alone find the time (and effort) to crank out posts on a schedule? As an experienced blogger, I know how painstaking this can be!


Or maybe research and writing just isn’t your thing, but you want to write an e-book, need podcast notes, or want new ways of promoting your business or product?


Let me take that off your hands, so you can reap the rewards of SEO-rich posts with a call to action your targeted audience can’t resist! And of course, cultivated in your own tone, style, and brand. Let me know your ideas, and let’s talk!


The Melanated Maven Freelance Writer Packages




Copy Proofreading


So you’ve done the hard work! Whether you’ve written an e-book, article, or set up a website, it’s time to give yourself a break. By being your fresh pair of proofreading eyes, I’ll point out any errors in spelling, grammar, punctation, and syntax. I can even help with formatting and structure! Contact me and let’s discuss your next big project.

Contact me at to discuss your next strategy!

*Pricing dependent on project scope. I’m flexible and can work with almost any budget!





Social Media Graphic Design & Platform Jumpstart


As a business owner, you understand the growing benefits of a strong social media presence. As well as the major reach and impact it can have. But not only does it take time to craft even one graphic design, but also just the right caption to go with it, and still remain on-brand.


This is where I come in! Not only will I quickly set up your social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter), but create a queue of customized graphics to choose from when you’re ready to post. Check out my IG page and Pinterest for some of my custom designs!


And if your business relies on product sales, a simple landing page can take years off your life trying to research and implement. Time you don’t have or would be much better spent on other aspects of your growing business!


So stop stressing and let me help! Together we can discuss the perfect optimization strategy that is sure to increase your followers and engagement. Check out my blog post and graphic design portfolio here.


Contact me at to discuss your next strategy!

*Pricing dependent on project scope. I’m flexible and can work with almost any budget!