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Update: The Rise of the “Silence Breakers”

On Wednesday, Time Magazine announced their annual Person of the Year issue for 2017 and interestingly enough, it isn’t just one influential person. It’s a collective group coined as the “Silence Breakers”. If you haven’t heard already, the magazine is honoring the women (and even some men) from all backgrounds who have spoken out against sexual harassment and have detailed their experiences. Celebrity or not! And I think that’s the best part.

The importance of the magazine’s inclusion of everyday women sends a very clear message. All women, regardless of notoriety, class, race, or religion can speak to having experienced some form of harassment.

This past Monday I coincidentally posted about our need as women to stand up against harassment and show the power we have behind our voice.

How’s that for timing, right?

I believe that it shows that one by one, each woman is beginning to realize and recognize their own true and very real power. That we do not have to stay silent for the sake of society, opportunity, or politeness. And every time another woman shows her courage, another woman is influenced to do the same.

We possess such power within ourselves, but we become such a force when we band TOGETHER!

And when we’re proactive about the importance of our safety and comfort, we have the chance and opportunity to influence other people and generations. I think that’s a great start, and a hell of a lot more progress than I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Now I couldn’t thank those women enough. And all of you out there that have also stood up against unwanted attention and advances. There are not enough words of gratitude and pride!

I’m proud to say that we may have started a revolution!


Read Time Magazine‘s “Time Person of The Year: Silence Breakers”  HERE


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