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The Right Cleanser For Your Skin Type? How to Choose

How to Choose the Right Cleanser For Your Skin Type - The Melanated Maven

Guest Post by Allie Cooper, freelance blogger     No skincare routine is complete without cleansing your skin. If you skip this first crucial step, there’s no proper way for you to completely rid your pores of bacteria, grime, and makeup ⁠⁠— leading to irritation and other problematic skin conditions.…

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6 Simple Ways to Use Essential Oils for Self Care

Essential oils for self care

    So far, 2019 has been a busy year of making moves! Juggling planning a wedding and buying a house has been so exciting, but has also been a little bit stressful. I realized that I needed to pack some extra punch in my self care and stat.   …

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How a Quick Clay Mask is a Step Towards Self-Love (Infographic)

  Today I woke up feeling really confident about my skin. Lately it has been looking radiant and getting a little bit more melanated every day. And I can thank the benefits of my clay mask recipe!   Self love and self care are so much more than just loving…

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