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Why Black Women Should Go To Therapy

Why Black Women Don't Go To Therapy (But They Should)

  Remember when mental health used to be such a taboo subject? When it seemed like therapy was only for anyone who was clinically depressed or suicidal?    Well luckily, our generation (I’m not too fond of the word millennial…) seems to be a bit more open to tackling our…

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4 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Goals, And How To Stop

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  Do you ever feel like you can’t stop sabotaging yourself? The first one to assume that you won’t live up to your own expectations and plans? These thoughts are the fastest way to turn intentions into zero action, leaving you right where you started.     You’ve become your…

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Jersey Garcia: Helping Black Women Have Healthy Relationships

Female entrepreneur Jersey Garcia: Helping Women Have Healthy Relationships

  I’ve got a treat for you guys! An exclusive interview from a woman of color who took a negative experience and used it as motivation to pursue her passion, and turn it into a successful business.   Jersey Garcia, a licensed family and marriage counselor, runs her own counseling…

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