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Stop Being Nice and Start Being Honest

stop being nice and start being honest

  I’ve always had a boisterous personality and have always said what was on my mind. And I admit, I have found myself in some trouble because of it. So naturally, sometimes what I have to say comes out blunt. What can I say. This is me.     So…

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The Pride in Our Strength is Killing Us, And How Black Women Can Change It

As black women, the experiences we face are unique and somehow we endure it all. Our strength is something to be envied, but sometimes I know I take on more than I can handle. I’m sure I’m not the only one.   How can we help it? We’ve seen it…

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Think You Have Too Many Interests? Why Being a “Multi-Hobbyist” is a Good Thing!

  Hey readers! So I’ve been thinking. There is always some new hobby or interest I’m knee-deep in, with another completely unrelated one on deck. Right now it’s blogging and cooking and gardening and well… everything! I’ve always been this way and I love that about myself. Always on the…

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3 Effective Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Balance

  Just wanted to throw a quick one at you today! When I’m feeling extra stressed, finding ways to improve my spiritual balance is one of the first things I look to.  Check out my quick tips to help you keep it together, even in the most trying times. You…

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