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“We Should All Be Feminists”- A Review of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

we should all be feminists chimamanda ngozi adichie

Lately there has been a pattern to my reading choices and I have a new amazing add that I can’t rave enough about!   We Should All Be Feminists  by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie   We Should All Be Feminists explores Chimamanda’s feminine experiences and reactions to the expectations of women,…

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Sexual Harassment Against Women of Color

sexual harassment against women of color

Have you ever experienced sexual harassment as a woman of color, and felt that discrimination and stereotypes worked even more against you and kept you from coming forward?     Let me explain…   After I uploaded my last post about sexual harassment against women, I thought of an interesting…

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Update: The Rise of the “Silence Breakers”

rise of the silence breakers

On Wednesday, Time Magazine announced their annual Person of the Year issue for 2017 and interestingly enough, it isn’t just one influential person. It’s a collective group coined as the “Silence Breakers”.   If you haven’t heard already, the magazine is honoring the women (and even some men) from all…

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Women & Sexual Harassment: What You Can Do If It’s Happening to You

Time magazine silence breakers

With the news chock-full of sexual harassment allegations made against powerful men in the entertainment industry, the conversation is finally being had about women, sexual harassment, and the toll it takes on us. A new day, a new allegation, and all I can say is….it’s about time!     But…

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