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Taking Control of My Anxiety-Intuitive Tuesday

Welcome Back, guys!

I hope things are going well for all of you as we get closer and closer to the end of another quick year! I can say that I am so excited for Fall to FINALLY get here and get bombarded (and treated!) by all the pumpkin-flavored everything…. but even better is knowing that the arrival of boot and sweater season is here! I know I’m not the only one!

Ok. Back to the topic at hand. For today’s Intuitive Tuesday, I wanted to get even more real with you guys and talk about my anxiety, and how I was finally able to take control before it overtook me. My mind fills with countless times I can remember feeling so anxious that I could feel my heart race and hands shake. The littlest things would bring it on, from thinking about my long to-do list for after work,  to worrying about what I was wearing that day. Spending too much time worried about what I thought people thought of me, to the point of manifesting what I can now say are outright lies in my mind. It can be scary what the mind can do to convince you of the opposite when vulnerable. It chipped away at my confidence. To make matters worse, I also would then create more anxiety by now focusing on why I was so worried about those things in the first place! Sadly, It was an endless cycle for a long time.

I just knew that this wasn’t a way to live. All of the physical manifestations of my anxiety and what I knew it was doing to my mind were not worth sacrificing my soul any longer. My intuition was clearly showing me that something needed to change. So with research, I came to find that there were methods to take a hold of my anxiety. That I didn’t have to keep feeling this way.

I’ve found that these methods calm me down instantly, and get my back onto the right track of thinking and keep my confidence sky-high.


Taking long breaths from the lower lungs has been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and overall stress. When we’re anxious, we tend to take shallow breaths from the upper part of our lungs which can cause the body to respond like it would if you were hyperventilating. So there comes the quickened heart rate and other intense physical responses. So when I start to feel the anxiety creep up, I inhale for 2 seconds, then exhale for 4. Then in for 3, out for 6. Doing this exercise in multiples makes me exhale for longer, which helps adequately relax my whole body.

Now when I feel my heart pace start to pick up, my body begins the breathing exercise sometimes before my mind has realized!

Guided/Self Meditation

Whether I use an  app or just sit in silence for a few min, mediation has really helped me calm my nerves. Allowing our minds to be silent, to not focus on our busy lives for even a short time, can really recharge us mentally and emotionally. Paired with the breathing techniques, I always feel physically re-energized and much more confident to take on the next part of the day.


Or positive affirmations. Find brief words or phrases to recite to yourself, every time you have a moment of anxiety. Even chanting “You can do it” quietly to yourself will do wonders for your mental conditioning. It keeps your mind from going down the rabbit hole of “I’m scared to do this. I can’t do this. I won’t ever be able to do this” and crushing your confidence. Some of mine are:


“You know your greatness. So be great”

“You are meant to be here. Be calm and collected. This is your gift”


I hope that if you’re suffering the way the I was, that giving these methods a try will help you find relief. And  feel more confident in your abilities and greatness. I believe that constant conditioning of our minds is necessary to listen more deeply to our intuitions. It will always be a work-in-progress, but it has worked wonders for me, and I know it will for you too.


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5 thoughts on “Taking Control of My Anxiety-Intuitive Tuesday

  1. Me too! Quiet gives the mind and body a chance to be introspective without distractions. Thanks for the feedback!

    1. They’re so simple and can transform how we think and more importantly how we view ourselves. Thanks for stopping by and giving feedback!

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