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Think You Have Too Many Interests? Why Being a “Multi-Hobbyist” is a Good Thing!

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Hey readers! So I’ve been thinking. There is always some new hobby or interest I’m knee-deep in, with another completely unrelated one on deck. Right now it’s blogging and cooking and gardening and well… everything! I’ve always been this way and I love that about myself. Always on the search for something interesting.  


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But I haven’t always been so accepting of this quality. I used to think that I didn’t have that one thing that was… MY THING. The thing that when people thought of me, my amazing talent of whatever that thing was would be the next thought…    


Trust me, I know how self-absorbed that sounds!


I was always going a thousand different directions, whether it was to band practice, or basketball games, or debate team in high school or all the activities I’ve picked up in my 20’s after I’ve clocked out of my “adulting” for the day.


In my later teens I wanted to be a lawyer, a pharmacist, a baker, own an pet rescue/veterinarian, interior decorator, and the list goes on. I STILL want to be some of those things. I swear, I’m going to go to culinary school eventually!  


Even though I enjoyed every minute of my hobbies, I still thought I somehow fell short because I wasn’t phenomenal at one thing. The age-old question “What do you plan on pursuing as a career?” would cause me to break out into a sweat! I always felt like I had to choose just one path. Even now, full swing into a career as a scientist, I’m still looking pursing other paths that may be my true calling.    


And I realized that there is nothing wrong with that.


There is no instability or indecisiveness in pursing different directions. Who says we should be deadlocked onto one path, with blinders on? We know the answer. Society. When you have the chance to engage in something you love, why limit it to one? 


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Embracing and participating in all the things you love to do, is just simply living your truth. You don’t have to limit your interests, but instead balance your time so you can enjoy all the things that life has to offer!    


What are all the hobbies that you engage in?



What’s your dream job even though you may be in a completely different industry?



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2 thoughts on “Think You Have Too Many Interests? Why Being a “Multi-Hobbyist” is a Good Thing!

  1. I work full-time in higher education but my passions outside of my “adulting” days are creating art dolls, learning to play the violin, and writing.

    1. That’s so amazing that you still make time to fit in your passions! It’s so important for all of us to have something outside of work, especially something you love. You’re showing yourself self love and nurturing your soul. And creating dolls?! Super creative! I’d love to see what you make! Keep doing what you do 💕

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