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3 Pure Essential Oil Brands That You Can Trust


Pure Essential Oil Brands

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In my Essential Oils post from a while back, I gave you everything you needed to know about essential oils. From how to choose the purest quality to breaking down the powerful effects of the most popular oils. 


Now I’m back (after some pain-staking research) with the most pure essential oil brands you can trust with your money! I’m here to help so that’s why I’ve done the hard work for you. So let’s get to it!



3 Pure Essential Oil Brands You Can Trust





This company is one of the few pure essential oil brands that stands out because of its solid commitment to working with ecologically sustainable farms. Working closely with farmers, Améo helps produce a wide array of essential oils.


They are so committed to the environment, that they have invested in a genetically pure species for their moringa oil products. Translation: high quality oil! And in case you’re unfamiliar, moringa is the next big thing in health and wellness.


It’s a naturally antioxidant-rich plant that grows on the trees in only the most perfect conditions. Améo even goes the extra mile by keeping pesticides far away from these plants.


Not convinced? Here’s an idea of their process:


The fruit and leaves are harvested by hand and dried in the shade. This keeps the moringa leaves rich in nutrients, so they can produce the purest oil. Can you imagine the lengths they go to produce their all their other oils? So if you’re ever confused on choosing an essential oils brand worth your money, Améo definately won’t disappoint.


I recommend the lavendar and lemongrass oils for the quickest way to calm and relaxed when I’m feeling especially stressed out, or for a few more buck, get the full essential oils kit to make your own DIY recipies (stick around for my recipe sheet below!).



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This brand imports quality products for their essential oils from over 50 different countries! Like Améo, Aromatics is also an essential oils brand that makes sustainable sourcing its mission. One of those ways is it makes sure to partner with producers and small-scale distillers that practice replanting and selective harvesting.


By doing this, Aromatics is able to maintain the sustainability of the plants used for essential oils. Guys, this is great news. Because with climate change wreaking havoc all around us (I don’t care what anyone says, it’s happening), this process will become necessary for all companies if they want to continue providing us with the best and most pure essential oils.


Now don’t think that just because they source much of their product, that Aromatics doesn’t harvest their own oils. They are mostly known for their organic lavender oil. I can only imagine how that good that smells! 


They also work with local farmers to produce calendula flowers (marigold oil), St. John’s blossoms (for anxiety and sleep), and arnica blossoms, among other magical plants used for creating intoxicating essential oil scents. 


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Artisan Aromatics


What makes Artisan Aromatics stand out is the fact that their essential oils are handcrafted using traditional methods developed in the 18th and 19th centuries. And in 2019, that couldn’t sound more hipster. But it’s clear evidence that Artisan Aromatics has some clout when it comes to essential oils.


This brand imports product from distillers all around the globe. And even though they are a boutique brand, they are committed to maintaining eco-friendly practices and partnering with vendors that do so too.


They also sell natural perfumes, enfleurage oils (the rarest and purest of oils only achieved through steam distillation) and similar products. And with the holidays coming up, it would make a great gift for anyone suffering with allergies, headaches, and even insomnia.



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Why Do You Need Essential Oils?


Even though it seems like you can’t get away from hearing about essential oils, their long-proven history show that they may be here to stay. Practicing aromatherapy is one of the best and most natural ways to improve your physical and emotional health.


And whether you use them as perfumes, to destress, or even to get more focused, there isn’t much that essential oils can’t elevate in your self care routine. 


So if you’re  looking for the highest quality and absolute most pure essential oils brands, look no further! You won’t go wrong with Améo, Aromatics, and Artisan Aromatics, guaranteed. 


If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, click here!


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