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The 5 Best Reasons to Trust Your Instincts

Trust Your Instincts


Do you trust your instincts? When you feel those sharp intuitive pangs, do you stop and think what they may mean? Life is so hectic, it’s tough to give ourselves the time we need, and sometimes we’re quick to give everything to everyone else, but not to ourselves. 


Instincts and the idea of synchronicity, go hand-in-hand, in my opinion. And it’s so simple that you’ll want to start immediately! Intuitive synchronicity is the realization that your intuition and your innate purpose work together, and it allowed me to realize that everything that happened in my life, both positive and negative, was purposeful.



I just didn’t believe in coincidences anymore.



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The good was just that. Good. Great, in fact. I felt as though my spirit had aligned itself with what the universe had in store for me (or whatever higher power you place your faith in) and I was fulfilling my purpose and living it. 


I was true to my sense of self without even realizing it! However, the negative perspective took some more effort to see the gifts it was giving me. In the moment, I couldn’t understand why things were going wrong.



I just figured it was life.



But once I understood that those things had to happen to make way for something better that I hadn’t even mentally conceived? That was the holy grail. Hindsight was suddenly 20/20, and I was beginning to understand the concept of “everything happens for a reason“.



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It was becoming more and more clear that as long as I had my own back and trusted my decisions, I was living authentically. And that, my friends, is true and unapologetic happiness!



Ready to clear the path for your intuition?




How to Trust Your Instincts



1. Clear Your Mental Space

Meditating or going for a walk without your headphones can be beneficial ways to get your mind to a calmer state. Clarity is easier to achieve when there are no distractions from the outside world, such as social media and toxic environments. Work this into your daily routine to get in habit, so it’s easier to get away to that mental space you created, among the hustle and bustle of life.



2. Listen to Your Inner Voice

Take the time to assess why. Ask yourself why that issue is coming up. Why do you feel this way? And how can you tend to it? If you have an immediate response that is rational and your true feeling, go with it. That voice is your identity. Don’t want to go to the party that your friends are begging you to go to? Instead you want to stay in and dine in after a long work week? Three words. Self-care isn’t selfish.



3. Cultivate More Patience

Cut off in traffic? Coworker pissed you off? Let it fall by the wayside. It’s not worth more than a few minutes of your time. More patience allows you to stop before you react irrationally because emotional reactions are not well-thought out ones. It also allows your to have more spiritual balance.


When you’re in a funk, it has the potential to poison your whole day. How you behave, think, and interact with yourself and others goes through that negative filter. Ever wonder why your morning would begin with a toothpaste stain on your favorite black shirt only to continue with one relentless thing after another? When you’re more patient with others, you will be more patient with yourself.



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4. Don’t Dwell on the Negative

Your time is too precious to waste it bringing yourself down. It has happened, as that too shall pass. Meanwhile, do something to get out of the funk. Whatever puts you back into a better mood will change your day immediately. Even if you don’t feel like it, you’ll be surprised as to what coffee with a fun friend will do.



5. Trust the Process

If don’t give your spirit a chance to lead for once, you’ll miss the chance to see where it could take you. Trusting the judgement and advice of others hasn’t fulfilled you, so how could you go wrong with choosing yourself? 




Take a breath. Let the negativity from your surroundings fall away so you can tune in closer to your own voice. Hear what it is saying and take the steps to follow in that direction. No matter how small the action, if it feels real, it is. Trust your instincts! It’s you!




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