Welcome to The Melanated Maven blog! A place to increase awareness about ourselves and take the necessary action to live our best most authentic lives.


And there’s no time like the present!


My name is Jo and I’m a proud Kenyan native, a scientist, and always searching for ways to live my best life. Natural health and skincare, mindfulness and self-care are my passions and providing such inspirational and empowering content for women, especially women of color, is what drives me to share my journey.

I’ve come from others influencing my life’s decisions to now only looking to myself for the answers. And because of this, I’ve had more personal development victories than I can count!  This mental shift and new-found confidence came from finally letting go of what I couldn’t control and living for me, in every way. 


This is why I’m here!


It’s time to take control of the things that contribute negatively to your life (those non-factors) and keep it moving! You are the catalyst for change, but only you can decide to look within, be aware of what/who creates an unbalance in your life (or just what doesn’t feel right), and rid yourself of it.

I hope my experiences motivate you to take the plunge! To confidently live a happier, healthier and more authentic life, led by your intuition.


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