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Why Willpower Doesn’t Work, But This Will

We all have something we want to change in our lives. Whether it’s the people around us, our job, or even just our general place in life.

But with the chaos with life, I’ve noticed that we tend to feel like we’ve lost control in our lives. We’re all moving at such a fast pace and want everything NOW. And if that wasn’t already enough stress, we’re dealing with the constant ups and downs in our professional AND personal lives. And it’s inevitable that they sometimes spill into each other.

Everything is happening to us, but the amazing thing is that we have the power to switch it around. To be more proactive, not reactive.


You have more control than you think


It’s not about willpower. Or “failures” and successes. It’s about the action, plain and simple. If you want true success in your life, both spiritual and physical, you have to:



Be your biggest and loudest cheerleader. Root for you to win, not to fail. 

If you don’t truly believe that your aspirations are possible, it’s like shooting yourself in the foot before a race. Try catching yourself in the moment when you’re being negative, and turn it around. That habit will condition your mind over time to have a more positive mindset and overall more self-confidence!



Pay attention to that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach— Intuition!

You know that tugging feeling you get when something is just feels…off? You just KNOW that you shouldn’t be doing whatever it is that you’re doing? For me, that’s a very familiar feeling. I used to ignore my intuition and just follow the lead that was laid out for me. Depended on my mind (i.e. my fear), rather than my inner voice. Fast forward to today, where I don’t make a decision without checking on her first! It has kept me more grounded in who I am and how I live each day. No more “I should have said what I thought” or “Maybe I chose too quickly”. Freedom from regrets is an amazing feeling!

*For a guide to learn to trust your intuition—-Read This



And finally…. ACTION!

To make it anywhere, you have to take the first step. You can plan every minute detail but it won’t matter if you don’t implement. YOU are the driving force in your life. And your dreams for yourself begin with your work. What are the source of the drama in your life, and can you change it? Or even change how it affects you? Are you feeling fulfilled in your work and play? And what I think is the most important question an overall successful person asks themselves frequently: “Am I putting myself first enough?”



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BE Your Best to DO Your Best!

*New to self-care? Here’s the easiest way to start.



Every step in moving towards change is significant. Momentum is progress and will always keep you going. The work just begins with you!


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