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To My WordPress Followers

I just wanted to take a second to really be grateful to my readers, but especially my WordPress followers! Taking the leap to joining WordPress and starting my blog was a decision I made when I was in a tough emotional and insecure place.



Thinking I’m just starting another one of my million hobbies to keep busy from a job I hated, it has ended up becoming more than therapeutic for me.



Writing and encouragement from readers has given me confidence in my direction, but more importantly, confidence in myself and my writing abilities. I’ve fallen in love with writing, and finally feel like I’ve found a way to express myself creatively.



Because when I started, I had literally ZERO knowledge about the blogging world.



So a BIG thanks to all of my wordpress followers who helped me get started, took my questions, and encouraged me, even through simple likes and/or comments. You’ve helped fuel this passion project more than you probably know, and I appreciate it so much!



Each day I learn something knew, and accomplish a blog task that I didn’t think was possible, I think to that first day. That leap. That risk. I’ve learned that taking these chances is how to get the most out of life, and show yourself what you can do.



Now I excitedly look forward to each and every amazing experience and emotional awakening I continue to feel every time I write. And I hope you all continue on follow me on this journey because there is no chance I’m stopping soon! Thanks again to all my WordPress followers and readers!



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2 thoughts on “To My WordPress Followers

  1. Sounds like you’re loving blogging and this acts as a great reminder of the power of community … even in our virtual lives. Good luck with your move to self-hosting.

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